"Watch, smile, share and brighten!"

   Why OurTubeTV.com?

OurTubeTV brings people together.  Share a clip, and you sew a strand connecting the quilt of humanity.

The world is changing fast.  OurTubeTV is a way to positively contribute  to the world.  Make the world better - share beauty, laughter and remarkable snipets of life.  find them all on www.ourtubetv.com.

The basic ground rules for happiness are:

Together we're better.

By sharing we have more.

OurTubeTV is cut from this cloth.  It's designed to bring people together.  It's built to share - and by sharing yuo'll have more!  

Try this - share a video you love with friends and watch what happens.  Please join us and experiment to see for yourself what effect you have when you visit, join and share this sight with friends.

Each action we take is a vote for what we want.  We built the site as a contribution to the dialogue of how we can use technology to support humanity.

The internet is changing from a source of information to an entertainment medium.  OurtubeTV.com creates an experience that both entertains and connects you to the best aspects of our human family. 

You've heard of broadcasting - think of OurtubeTV.com as "Narrowcasting" - people sign up to have this light and enriching influence in their experience.  The experience you'll have here is unique and valuable - that's why we grow!  People like the experience we offer - then share it with others.

If you like this concept or find the videos entertaining, please help us share this experience by telling friends about the site.


By signing up you will get regular emails from us sharing newly added and highlighted videos.  Thats it.  No selling, no cost.  If we're not adding value to you you can opt out at any time with no hassles.   

If you find value in what we are doing or if any of our videos add value to your day in any way, please sign up and share us with people you know.  Make the world a better place by sharing www.ourtubetv.com.

Life's a gift.  Yet the gift is so large that we can only grasp glimpses of it.  OurTubeTV is a collage, capturing glimpses from a variety of perspectives (our youngest regular contributor is 8) - so that when taken together, we have a a greater experience of the gift - and we come away a bit more connected to it and a bit more aware, in awe and grateful for it - and better off for having visited www.ourtubetv.com.

We hope you like it - please email your comments to us at: ourtubetv@gmail.com.

The OurTubeTV.com team.


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